13 Steps to Help You Find Peace and Purpose With God
April 11, 2021

I’m a recovering addict; not of drugs or gambling, but of multitasking. 

For years I thought I thrived. 

I didn’t wake up one morning and declare it, but it happened over time. My life surged with competing priorities. Waves spilled over with 4 children, 9 military deployments and bad financial decisions. Deep spiritual longing left me empty, with nothing to spare. 

My passion to pursue something new emerged, but margin escaped me. 

My reserves were empty. 

I endured the roller coaster of emotional waves from the refuge of my bathroom floor. I felt disobedient, defeated, and delayed. 

In her book, Unstoppable, Christine Caine explains that life is like a relay race. We must lay down one baton to pick up another. I realized God would not call me to something new if I didn’t make margin for more. 

These 13 steps helped me live a life of greater peace and purpose with God. 

  1. Surrender your heart at the feet of Jesus. Here, God fills you with wisdom and strength. 
  2. You don’t have to “do it all”. No one is asking for perfect. Attempting perfection is fraud. 
  3. Seek the approval of God – not man.
  4. Silence your “self-talk”. Don’t let your insecurity destroy your destiny. 
  5. Ask “What makes me happy or brings me joy?” Your loved ones have insight.  
  6. Take an inventory of where you spend time and resources. 
  7. As God for clarity. Is it time to lay something down? 
  8. Get a fresh perspective. Find a friend who challenges you, holds you accountable and tells you “You’re awesome!” 
  9. Create a plan. Make it workable, not complex. Create realistic goals you can measure. 
  10. Take the first step! It is the hardest one to take. 
  11. Harness the momentum. It is your friend. 
  12. Show up every day! Make the folders, read the books, write the words. Diligence is key. 
  13. Celebrate every success, no matter it’s size!

Growth is hard. 

In a society that beacons us to “do more with less”, we counter the narrative with “live a life full of grace and truth.” Pursuing God is not about how much we do. It’s about the posture of our heart. Here, in this place, we surrender. We find grace and run with renewed strength. In this place, with God’s love and provision, we thrive. 


“Unstoppable” By Christine Caine   https://christinecaine.com/content/unstoppable/gk5dkg