Everything You Need to Know About Coaching
September 13, 2023

Things change.  We grow, evolve, and find ourselves asking for new opportunities as the seasons of our lives change. But often, people question when or if they could use help navigating the changing tides.  Coaching is a great way to help you navigate those new chapters.  But often, I hear, “What is coaching, anyway?”  

Here are three areas where coaching can help you grow! 

1. Professional Development

Professional development is when you actively take action and steps to progress in your career. This can be done through the following: 

  • Being active in your industry and networking
  • Attending functions and events
  • Taking classes or courses to learn practical skills 
  • Interacting with other professionals within your industry.

Finding the best type of professional development for you will depend on your industry. Some industries—like medicine— have apparent outlines and steps to take to climb the ladder, while others are unclear.  This means you must search for opportunities to progress in your field. These could be online courses, night classes, or even attending industry events and functions.

“Professional development is essential if you want to advance in your career” – Learnerbly

Professional development helps with the following;

  1. Climbing the Career Ladder: Climbing the career ladder requires training to gain the relevant knowledge needed. Formal training is crucial as it will teach you all the skills necessary for senior roles, which are vital for running a successful business.
  2. Expand your Knowledge: Knowledge shapes you into a well-rounded individual through extensive knowledge and skill set.
  3. Helps you Stay Up-to-date: In today’s society, trends are constantly changing. Staying current with the different trends allows you to stay current in your market. Additionally, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and maintain or grow your market share.
  4. Helps Prepare you for a Career Change: If you’d like to switch careers or are a business leader hoping to try out a new venture, professional development will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to take this step.  Learning a new skill will broaden your horizons by opening up to more opportunities and possibilities.
  5. Increase Earning Potential: The broader your skills and knowledge are, the more valuable you will be. With these, you’ll be able to help companies solve their challenges or identify new opportunities. Professional development is an ongoing process, and there isn’t one activity you can take to achieve it. Always look for opportunities to grow and develop yourself further, especially in a changing society like ours. 

2. Personal Development

When you actively and consciously make the decision and take steps to improve yourself, you are working on personal development. This allows you to become the best version of yourself, increasing your confidence and giving you the skills necessary to navigate any situation you find yourself in.

A misconception about personal development is that it has a timeline. It does not refer to a specific time in your life. It requires constantly being aware and dedicated to keeping up with life’s natural highs and lows. It’s about continuously working on yourself. 

Why does it matter?  Here are three main reasons why you should consider personal development in your coaching or growth plan:

  1. They’re different.  The difference between personal development and professional development is that professional development is about progression in your career, while personal development is about improving quality of life. 
  2. Helps you embrace your potential.  Personal development will help you embrace your full potential. This, in turn, enables you to achieve your biggest dreams and gives you the skills to thrive in any situation.
  3. You can’t do it alone! Motivating yourself to be the best version of yourself is easier said than done. However, even the most minor steps towards achieving this can provide a clear path to a happier and more fulfilled life. 

“One of the best things you can do for yourself is to focus on personal development. No one has your best interest at heart more than you do for yourself, so committing to changing your life for the better will be the best thing you can do. The results are amazing.”  Brehm, N. 2022

3. Career Development

Career development is not limited to the industry you are currently in. It also involves learning different roles and different industries. Being keen and paying careful attention to your strengths and weaknesses and then taking the necessary steps to improve them is what career development is about.

Like personal development, career development is not limited to a specific lifetime. It can start when you’re young and last an entire lifetime. This is because, despite some people knowing what they want to do, career growth doesn’t end when you have chosen an occupation. There are still a lot of steps you need to take before reaching said occupation. This can include getting the proper education and training.

Your path to achieving your career goals may not be as smooth as envisioned, and this could be due to different factors which may not be helped. The factors are as follows;

  1. Personal Characteristics: This is a significant factor as it will depict the way, speed, and level at which you meet your goals. Your personality, likes, and interests will influence the career you choose and the environment you thrive in.
  2. Financial Resources: Some career options can be costly as they may require extra qualifications and certifications. You will likely need to pay to obtain these. Furthermore, careers requiring degrees will mean you must attend college, which becomes a factor when considering a new career path.  Don’t worry!  There are lots of grant and scholarship programs to help you!  
  3. Financial Obligations: Financial obligations heavily influence the career route you will go into. If you have mortgages to pay, childcare to worry about, student loans, etc., you will be pulled more towards high-paying careers to pay them off.
  4. Physical, Mental, and Emotional Impairments: Some people are better suited for specific careers than others. For example, someone with a phobia of heights/flying will most likely not opt to be a pilot.
  5. Family Obligations: Responsibilities like having elderly people to look after or children to care for could also influence the type of career you pursue.  Taking time off to pick up a child from school or needing to go to work late to drop the child off at nursery will determine your work hours. Or you will need to look for a career that will allow you to take time off. 

“Career development refers to choosing a career, improving your skills, and advancing along a career path. It’s a lifelong process of learning and decision-making that brings you closer to your ideal job, skill set, and lifestyle” – Dawn Rosenberg McKay, 2012

Remember:  Everyone is different, so having a plan that works for you may not work for others. 

You need a precise, realistic, and well-laid-out plan and a supporting hand to assist you in reaching your potential and meeting your personal, professional, and career development goals.  

I am passionate about your success. We strongly believe in giving you the tools and showing you the path to living at your full potential—whether in your business or corporate career. 

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