How to Enter a Season of Preparation
November 14, 2021

“I don’t want to quit,” declared my blue-eyed daughter. Frustrated, she sat at our kitchen table. This ambitious 16-year-old had her first job. Once she received her driver’s license, this was the next logical step in her quest to conquer “adulting.” Like many who faced the challenge of 100% remote learning, she struggled to balance work and school. Without sufficient margin, her grades declined. Finally, we advised her to quit her job, explaining that “You can’t do both,” but she was determined to try. 

Life is a never-ending balancing act. Finances and time ebb and flow across the axis of our emotional and physical energy. This pendulum swings back and forth at an unsteady rhythm until we reach the end of our resources, be that physical energy, finances, time, emotional capital, or spiritual depth. Without margin, we can’t flex, grow, or give to others. 

My grandparents were farmers and ranchers and lived off the land. They grew what they ate, sewed what they wore, and worked the ground with their hands. They told many stories of hard times, but they survived. Modern-day conveniences of fast food or grocery delivery service didn’t exist. They had to plan and prepare. 

During COVID, many people faced this challenge as basic supplies became scarce. But that loss evoked more profound questions. Many started to seek the value of work and asked, “Is this what I want to do with my life?” Do I find joy in my work? Do I still need to carry these things? 

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, take inventory of your life. Is God calling you to a new role, job, or season? Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to unearth the hidden secrets of your heart? If so, you must make a margin for that discovery to occur. Without the space for God to surge, you won’t have the clarity and focus to hear His voice. Without the room in your finances or your emotional bank accounts, you won’t have the resources to apply when the time comes. 

As I grow as a leader and coach, I see how dynamic and deceptive “purpose” can be. Living a life of purpose is less about doing a specific thing. Our unique design is tempered with elements over time. It’s less about a role or widget and more about the undertone of your unique design. The purpose may look different in each season of your life, but preparation is the first step in finding your purpose. 

Give yourself the gift of time to explore and prepare for the season ahead. 

Your future self will thank you for it. 

All my love,