How to Knit Together a Fabric of Faith
April 18, 2021

Faith is a funny thing. It’s often wrapped in layers of confusion and doubt.  Faith beacons us. Drawing us toward a better tomorrow. 

Faith calls us. Deep within our soul, we yearn to experience this far away destination. Faith waits. It requires us to wait on the Lord, which is often difficult to do.

Faith is tattered. It becomes worn, like a thread-barren rug. It is tossed to and fro as we ride the waves of life.  Faith is a safe place to fall. A place that provides the promise of hope.  Faith beckons us home, to a time when laughter and warmth surrounded us. Faith, it’s such a small but mighty word.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that my faith is like a fabric. At times, it is strong – holding together those around me who stand in the midst of despair and struggle. But at other times, I find myself clutching it like a desperate child needing protection. With every fiber of life, my faith grows deeper. I look back and see how, at times, my faith was tattered and torn. But it is the fabric that holds me together. It wraps around me and keeps me from falling apart when the winds of life blow against me. 

“Behold”, the Israelites said, “this is our God; we have waited for him, that he might saveus. This is the Lord; we have waited for him (Isaiah 25:9 ESV).”

In the midst of the storm, God is present. We might not see him, but He is always there. Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of waiting. When life is happy and soft and clean, we rejoice in the Lord and His goodness. But when hard times come, we ask difficult questions. In her book “For All Who Wander”, Robin Dance explains that our questions and doubts “could be the very things God is using to draw us into a deeper relationship with him.” It is here, in these moments, where we must learn how to wait for the Lord. 

I have a very dear friend who today battles stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. This cancer ravaged her body and now invades her mind. We pray for a miracle, knowing that God is sovereign. We know the Creator of the world and universe can save her with the wave of His mighty hand. But that miracle does not come. And we ask “Why”? “Why Lord do you allow this?” “Why do you allow such pain?” 

The only answer that I hear, in the darkest moments of my day when I seek His answer, is “I love you still.” So, today, that has to be enough. 

For all of you today, who find yourself in a season of doubt, fear or regret, know this: The God of the universe died for you. He is present, waiting to love you, no matter the cost. This isfaith. Knowing that despite what tomorrow brings, God will still saveme. Only, this salvation might not look the way you think it should look, or feel the way you think it should feel. But God’s character is always solid and sovereign. He is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a God of love. 

The next time life knocks you down, or hands you a problem that you’d rather not solve, remember this: 

Faith brings Hope. 

So, hope for a new day. 

Hope for promises of brighter tomorrows. 

Hope for healing. Hope for joy. 

Hope that one day, a savior will come and rescue us. 

Hope that one day, the pain of this world will disappear. 

But until that day comes, have faith! I pray you too, begin to knit together a great fabric of faith that will hold you and keep you on your hardest days. 

All my love,

Danita Cummins

Dance, R. (2020) “For All Who Wander” DaySpring Cards, Inc. 

MMA Blog - Fabric of Faith
MMA Blog – Fabric of Faith

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November 13, 2020