Redefining the Pursuit of Purpose
May 4, 2023

What is my purpose?  It’s an age-old question with answers as fluid as the wind.  

Purpose is such an elusive creature. It seems to move and dance just out of reach. Often we struggle to overcome the insecurities or challenges that keep us from reaching it, defining it, and having the confidence to know that we’re living our life “well.”

But over the years, I’ve discovered that defining our purpose is not the goal for this crazy, amazing thing we call “life.” 

God calls us to draw nearer to Him in every season of our life.  That magnetic pull, a mystical dance that only the Creator and His beloved can share, is unique to each of us.  Just like the color of our eyes or the hairs on our heads – our purpose and unique design are infinite.  But there is a common principle that runs beneath it.  A common thread that holds each of us together.

And in the different seasons of our life, we can find reassurance that God knows us and seeks to teach us in the seasons of plenty and the seasons of drought. 

A Season of Waiting

Anchor to Identity and Faith

Sometimes we must grow where we’re planted. In the waiting season, these things apply. Do you feel like God has abandoned you? Dig in and put down roots! Focus on depth and rest.  In this season, you may struggle to be still. We push forward, often frustrated like we are stuck in quicksand. Don’t forget God has given you provision for this season. Realize that here, in this place, God is pouring into you. Allow it.

1. Identity clarifies our calling. We remember who we are, not what we see.

2. Faith remembers the character of God when we can’t see Him working in our life.

Before David went out to face Goliath, King Saul dressed him in his own coat of armor. David was unable to walk around because those were not his clothes. David removed the King’s clothing and took his staff in his hand. He gathered five stones from the stream, placed them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag, and approached the Philistine with his sling in hand (1 Samuel 18:38-40). 

David used what he had in his hand. He leaned into his identity as a shepherd and relied on God’s power and provision to overcome the giant.  You can do the same thing!

It’s important to realize that our purpose isn’t about doing things for God; it’s about being made perfect in His time.  

A Season of Moving

Anchor to God’s Provision and Trust

At other times, God will call us to move. In this season of moving, we feel new and alive. You may feel excitement and confusion! Look forward! Focus on God’s Promises! In this season, you may struggle to answer the call.  Don’t forget that God calls us to new places. Without movement, we are only living part of the life God calls us to live! 

1. God’s provision is enough. His mercies are new every morning. 

2. Trust in the Lord. Pulling up your roots and allowing God to move you someplace new is necessary. Trust in God’s goodness. 

God gave them all the required provisions when Moses and the Israelites were in the desert. “The Lord, our God, said to us at Horeb, You have stayed long enough at this mountain: break camp and advance into the hill country of the Amorites. See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to your fathers.” (Deut 1: 6-8)

A Season of Growth

Anchor to Joy and Grace

A moment will come when you jump off the cliff for Jesus! This is a season of explosive growth!  You could feel fear and Insecurity. Persevere! Focus on the vision. In this season, you may want to shrink back. Don’t forget the strength of God. Remember, we walk by faith, not by sight. 

God’s grace is sufficient for overcoming the fear that keeps you from living out the fullness of your life.  

In the parable of the sower, Jesus explains how the word of God is like seeds. Some fell among thorns, others on rocky ground. Life’s worries choke them, or they do not mature. But the seed in good soil grows and multiplies. According to the Gospel of Luke, the seed on good soil stands for those with noble and good hearts, who hear the word, retain it, and persevere in producing a crop (Luke 8: 11-15).

Common Road Blocks That Leave Us Stuck

We can’t stay in the same place indefinitely. As we continue the parable of the sower, we see how some seeds were tramped upon, lacked moisture, and were choked by weeds.  If we do, we start to feel bitterness, resentfulness, apathy, or numbness. This season, we must recognize our emotional, physical, relational, spiritual, financial, or mental weeds. 

Look for one area where you want to grow. Just start with one. Remember, growth is a process. It takes time. Search intently with the greatest of care. 

Healing is a part of the growth process. Never discount the need to heal. Sometimes we need professional help to heal from past pain, abuse, or trauma. If you find yourself in this place, seek assistance.  

Peter writes to God’s people, the exiles scattered throughout the world. He encouraged them by explaining that through God’s great mercy, we have new life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We received an inheritance that can never perish; through faith, we are shielded by God’s power until His return (1 Peter 1:1-6). 

When we stay too long in one place or season, we become overgrown with weeds and lack nutrients. Those weeds, be they emotional, physical, or relational, start to spill out onto those around us. We must be willing to examine our hearts and circumstances and ask, “Am I growing?” If the answer is no, it’s time to start pulling weeds! 

Don’t forget, friend, that you are uniquely designed – hand-picked from time and space to be on this earth today.  

Remember that purpose doesn’t always look how we think it should, no matter what season you find yourself in.  We are called to cling to the promises of God first – and always.  

Those are eternal.   

All my love,


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