To the Future Writer: 5 Ways Blogging Changed My Life
September 14, 2021

It’s been 2 years since I launched my first blog into the landscape of the internet. That first article carried much insecurity and fear.  But now, 2 years later, I found so many new things.   

  • I see a girl, afraid of failure, inching her way over the edge of the proverbial cliff.
  • I felt encouragement and grace as people cheered to strengthen my faith and my skills.
  • I found hope for tomorrow with the anticipation that I can find what my heart desires. 
  • I captured the promise that God’s provision is enough.

In these memories, I find hope for a new day. 

Writing has opened many doors in my heart and life.  Here are 5 ways blogging changed my life:  

1. Community. I’ve met other writers, bloggers and authors who encourage and strengthen me.  We are like-minded and share a passion for the written word.  

2. Communication.  I have found a hidden passion to share God’s love and hope with the world.  

3. Commitment.  Writing takes hard work and commitment.  It takes sacrifice to develop your craft and requires obedience and grit. 

4. Character.  I’ve found parts of my broken heart within the pages of my journal and keyboard. God’s love and grace continue to reveal themselves in new and exciting ways. 

5.  Charity.  Writing allowed me to give something to others.  It gives us hope in hard times.  I challenge and share lessons I’ve learned to help encourage others as we walk through life, on good days and bad.  

Today, if you think you’re too old, too weak, too insignificant, or too broken to chase your dreams  – you’re wrong.  

Tomorrow begins today! 

Paint one stroke.  

Play one note. 

Pray one prayer. 

Place one stone.

Practice one step. Your dreams are real and right in front of you. Take the first step towards them.  Your future self will never be the same! 

To my friends and family who said, “GO FOR IT!” 


Without your support, I wouldn’t be here today! 

All my love,

A Girl with a Pen

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