Unveiling the Heart of Empowerment and Gratitude
May 22, 2024

Our recent podcast episode, “A Calling Transformed: Hannah Fry on the Power of Gratitude in Mission Work” welcomed the effervescent Hannah Fry, an author and speaker who has navigated the winding path from ministry to inspiring change across communities.

We delve into a riveting conversation that transcends the traditional boundaries of ministry, thrusting us into community transformation and empowerment.

Episode released on May 22, 2024

Here’s a summary of the highlights:

(02:05 – 02:57) Conversations With Hannah Fry
(07:38 – 09:00) The Journey of Faith and Service
(11:50 – 13:15) Discovering Trust and Belief in Transition
(24:19 – 25:50) Empowerment-Based Missions With Zoe
(30:39 – 32:04) Dreaming for a Changed Community
(34:11 – 35:37) Sustainable Mission Trip Impact
(41:06 – 43:56) Empowering Missionary Stories Book Launch

The Unexpected Wisdom of Dolphins

Our episode begins with a serene encounter with dolphins, underscoring the beauty of gratitude
and presence in the ordinary. This anecdote sets the tone for the following profound discussions,
where Hannah shares her transformative experiences and how they have influenced her
purposeful approach to living.

From Ministry to Authorship

Hannah’s journey is a testament to the courage it takes to transition from a traditional ministry
role to embracing a broader mission. She discusses the vulnerabilities of returning to faith-based
vocation and how she utilizes her devotional books to guide individuals toward discovering their
divine purpose.

Kintsugi: Finding Beauty in Brokenness

One of the most compelling aspects of our conversation revolves around the Japanese art of
kintsugi. Hannah beautifully correlates this with our spiritual journey, emphasizing the potential
to find magnificence in our brokenness and reconstruct our beliefs into something even more

Sustainable Empowerment in Mission Work

The episode illuminates a seismic shift in mission work, highlighting the critical transition from
short-term aid to sustainable empowerment. Through personal anecdotes and insights from
organizations like Zoe Empowers, Hannah illustrates the importance of cultural sensitivity and
partnership in creating lasting impact.

Celebrating the Joy of Service

As we eagerly anticipate the release of Hannah’s book, which features diverse global ministry
stories, we discuss the unbridled joy and impact of service. These narratives span the globe and
reach into our backyards, showcasing how service weaves into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Cultivating Dreams and Building Legacies

In an especially heartwarming segment, Hannah and I share our aspirations and the significance
of community support in realizing those dreams. From improving child safety around pools to
creating a storytelling podcast, the power of collective effort is undeniable.

A Legacy of Community Collaboration

Our dialogue touches on the criticality of understanding complex social systems and the value of
firsthand experience. Hannah urges caution against the cultural emphasis on individual success,
advocating for a community-focused approach to service and leadership.

Closing Thoughts

This podcast episode is more than a conversation about empowerment and gratitude; it’s a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to make a meaningful difference. So grab a cup of tea, settle into a cozy spot, and join us for an episode that promises to warm your heart and ignite your passion for purposeful living.


For those eager to explore the depths of gratitude, empowerment, and community
transformation, we invite you to listen to the full podcast episode with Hannah Fry. Embrace the
journey, celebrate the stories, and be part of the conversation that shapes a more compassionate
and connected world.

About the Guest:

Hannah Rowen Fry is a writer and speaker passionate about helping people
live to their God-purpose. She shares practical tips, helpful resources, and clear, purposeful
steps to abide in Jesus daily without legalism, judgment, or guilt. Her thoughtful reflections on
Scripture invite those overwhelmed to slow down, choose simplicity, and experience greater joy
in the present moment. Hannah lives in Florida with her husband Matt and spends her free time
on the beach, at Disneyworld, and listening to Taylor Swift. Read more about Hannah and her work at www.hannahfowenfry.com

About the Author: 

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mentorship, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to help individuals and organizations
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